Genmega & Hantle ATM Thermal Paper Roll


Our ATM rolls are guaranteed to save you money and are produced to exact manufacturers specifications. We stock these ATM paper rolls in all our warehouses, conveniently located in Houston, TX for exceptionally quick delivery.

  • 2 1/4″ x 675′ Premium (Thick) Thermal Paper
  • Coated Side Out – CSO
  • 3.25″ (57/58mm) Width
  • 6.00″ (152mm) Diameter

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This ATM Thermal Paper fits:

GenMega 1900
GenMega 2500
GenMega GT3000

Hantle 1700
Hantle 1705
Hantle 1710
Hantle 1700W
Hantle 1705W
Hantle 1710W

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