Partnership Program

ATM Link, Inc. has been facilitating 100s of Small ATM Business Owners to grow since 1999. Our Partnership Program offers ATM transaction processing at an extremely low cost to our partners. You can be partnered with us as an Agent/IAD – Independent ATM Deployer or a Vault Cash Provider and with both options, you can earn a huge commission every month. In addition, to help you build a successful ATM business; we provide training, on-going support, marketing material, contracts, delivery, installation, programming, technical support and much more.

Agent/IAD – Independent ATM Deployer

If you own a small ATM Business and striving to lower your processing cost, or you want to start your own ATM business from the scratch; we can help you. Our Agent/IAD makes 100% Surcharge on valid withdrawal surcharged transactions + 100% Interchange on all the transactions, which is paid by networks on Approved Cash Withdrawals, Balance Inquiries, Balance Transfers, and Denials. The processing cost per transaction depends on the following factors:

  1. Location (Region Covered)
  2. Experience in the ATM Industry or Business
  3. Size of existing portfolio (if any)
  4. Total Transaction History of existing portfolio (If any)
  5. Knowledge about ATM technicalities

Our Four ATM Processing Options can be used as a guideline for Agent/IADs to make a deal with the merchant and can be converted as the following options for Agent/IADs’ ease:

  1. Agent/IAD’s Customer Own ATM & Loads Cash
  2. Agent/IAD’s Customer Owns ATM & Agent/IAD Loads Cash
  3. Agent/IAD Owns ATM & Loads Cash
  4. Agent/IAD Owns ATM & Agent/IAD’s Customer Loads Cash

As an Agent/IAD, it will be up to you what you want to give to your customer out of your commission. If you need help making a deal with your customer, we are here to help you because every time the situation is going to be different and your deal should depend on aspects like; who owns the ATM? Who will load cash? What is the monthly transaction average? You can keep our commission structure for our Four Processing Options as a guide when making deals with your customers. The key here is, the more you invest and exert the less you pay to your customer.

In some case, our Agent/IAD acts as Reseller as well, they purchase an ATM from us and resell it to their customers after keeping some markup on the price. This enables them to make money off the ATM as well as make residual income from the customers ATM.

Vault Cash Provider

Signing up as Vault Cash Provider (VCP) is the finest option for you, if you have cash on hand and you are willing to invest it to make residual income. You can start off with as low as $10,000 cash on hand. This is the best option because you do not have to worry about investing in a new ATM purchase, installation and any other costs related to an ATM. All you should do is load cash in the ATM and provide first line maintenance (cash or paper misfeeds) for an ATM.

We pursue Vault Cash Providers for two of our Four ATM Processing Options


In these options, we split the surcharge amount between merchant and VCP after keeping our cut from the surcharge (in some cases) on valid cash withdrawal transactions. VCP’s monthly income depends upon the following factors:

  1. Location
  2. Type of Business
  3. ATM Transaction History or Anticipated ATM Transactions
  4. Surcharge Amount

We often offer multiple locations to VCP in the same route to provide cash loading service and make a deal for all locations collectively. We also encourage VCPs to refer us the locations where they are willing to load cash in the ATM but need our support with ATM placement. The core responsibility of the VCP is to maintain or increase the monthly ATM transactions average by making sure that the ATM is not out of cash during the business hours.

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