Elevate Your ATM Revenue Potential with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Are you looking to boost customer satisfaction and increase revenue for your ATM business? Explore the benefits of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) with ATM Link, Inc. Discover how DCC can revolutionize your ATM operations and attract a global clientele.

Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) is an international payment solution for the global marketplace. DCC is a value-added ATM feature for customers as well as for ATM Operators. It allows cardholders/customers to convert an ATM withdrawal transaction amount into their own home currency, providing convenience and transparency.

Benefits of DCC for ATM Operators:

  1. Increased Customer Base and Satisfaction: DCC enhances customer experience by offering the convenience of currency conversion at the ATM. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately increasing foot traffic to your ATM.
  2. Additional Income Stream: With DCC, ATM operators can generate additional income per each DCC transaction on top of the local surcharge income. This extra revenue stream adds to the profitability of your ATM business.
  3. Expanded Customer Reach: Offering DCC as an additional service feature expands your ATM operators’ customer reach. It attracts international travelers and customers who prefer to withdraw cash in their home currency, thereby impacting your overall retail business positively.

How DCC Works

  1. Recognition of International Cards: ATM with the DCC feature enabled recognizes international cards used by customers.
  2. Prompt for Currency Conversion: The ATM prompts customers to proceed with the ATM withdrawal transaction using a currency conversion option.
  3. Disclosure of Exchange Rate and Fees: The ATM displays the local surcharge followed by a foreign-exchange conversion rate, providing full disclosure of the exchange rate and fees associated with the conversion.
  4. Dispensing Cash with Dual Currencies: Upon completion of the transaction, the ATM dispenses cash and prints a receipt displaying transaction details with dual currencies, ensuring transparency and clarity for the customer.

Incorporating DCC into your ATM operations can significantly elevate your business by providing added value to your customers and increasing your revenue streams. Partner with ATM Link, Inc. today to leverage the power of Dynamic Currency Conversion and take your ATM business to new heights!

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