Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) is an international payment solution for the global marketplace. DCC is a value-added ATM feature for the customers as well as for ATM Operators. DCC allows cardholders/customers to convert an ATM withdrawal Transaction amount into their own home currency. DCC offers a full disclosure of the exchange rate and fees associated with the conversion enabling them to make an educated and informed withdrawal decision.

Benefits for ATM Operators

DCC increases customer base and satisfaction, allowing ATM operators to generate an additional income per each DCC transaction on top of the local surcharge income. Offering additional services/features expand ATM operators’ customer reach and impact their overall retail business.

How DCC Works

  1. ATM with the DCC feature enabled recognizes the international card.
  2. ATM prompts customers to proceed the ATM Withdrawal Transaction using a currency conversion option.
  3. ATM displays the local surcharge followed by a foreign-exchange conversion rate.
  4. ATM dispenses cash and prints receipt displaying transaction details with dual currencies.

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