Revolutionize Your ATM Experience and Generate Income with Bitcoin Purchases

Discover the power of cryptocurrency with Bitcoin purchases directly from conventional ATMs thanks to ATM Link, Inc.’s partnership with Bitcoin Industry leaders.

ATM users can now experience the quickest method to purchase bitcoin. Our partner has developed groundbreaking software that enables ATM users to buy bitcoin directly from conventional ATM machines using their debit cards. This collaboration brings unparalleled convenience and accessibility to the world of cryptocurrency.

“Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is closer than you think. By using the millions of existing ATMs around the world we can now give users an easy, fast and familiar experience to purchase cryptocurrency.”

– Todd Lawrence, Chief Visionary Officer for CNI

These collaborations have played a pivotal role in the development of our cutting-edge solution, positioning us as a market leader. Leveraging the extensive experience, industry presence, and exceptional leadership skills of Hyosung Innovue and Triton, we have successfully introduced a solution that can be embraced by the entire cryptocurrency industry. Their invaluable contributions have been instrumental in the widespread adoption of our solution.

How to Buy Bitcoin from ATM?

  1. Simply inserts debit card and enter PIN
  2. Select the dollar amount to purchase
  3. Confirm the transaction details
  4. The cryptocurrency is delivered via a paper wallet that is printed out of the ATM.
  5. Use this paper wallet to deposit the Bitcoin into a digital wallet, gift someone, or keep it as is.

Benefits for ATM Operators

Enabling Bitcoin purchases through existing ATMs not only expands the customer base but also enhances customer satisfaction, providing ATM operators with an additional income stream for each Bitcoin transaction. By offering Bitcoin functionality on their ATMs, operators can extend their customer reach, stimulate overall retail sales, and potentially boost the number of ATM transactions. This feature has the potential to drive growth and enhance profitability for ATM operators.

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