Credit Card Segmentation (CCS)

Many credit cards allow the cardholder to take a cash advance against their credit limit using a PIN issued by a bank or financial institution. A cash advance can also be taken at an ATM with a credit card; however, there are fees and bank charges associated with such transactions.

Credit Card Segmentation (CCS) is an additional revenue-generating feature that allows the ATM to charge an additional incremental fee for a credit card cash withdrawal transaction. CCS is only enabled on the ATM with a certified software at a processor level.

Benefits for ATM Operators

CCS increases customer base and satisfaction, allowing ATM operators to generate an additional income per each CCS transaction on top of the surcharge income. Offering credit card cash advance feature on the ATM expands ATM operators’ customer reach and boost the overall retail sales.

How CCS Works

  1. ATM with the CCS feature enabled recognizes the Credit Card.
  2. ATM prompts customers to proceed the ATM Withdrawal Transaction with a credit card using a PIN issued by a bank or financial institution.
  3. ATM displays the surcharge PLUS additional CCS fee for complete transparency.
  4. ATM dispenses cash and prints receipt displaying transaction details with the total fee charged

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