Drive Revenue Growth with Credit Card Segmentation (CCS)

Unlock new revenue streams for your ATM business with Credit Card Segmentation (CCS) from ATM Link, Inc. Explore how CCS can boost customer satisfaction and generate supplementary income for each credit card cash withdrawal transaction. Learn more about this exclusive feature and its benefits for ATM operators.

Numerous credit cards offer the convenience of cash advances, either through a PIN issued by a bank or financial institution or directly at ATMs. While this service provides flexibility to cardholders, it also comes with associated fees and bank charges.

Credit Card Segmentation (CCS) presents a unique revenue-generating opportunity for ATM operators. This feature allows ATMs to impose an incremental fee for credit card cash withdrawal transactions, enhancing profitability and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of CCS for ATM Operators:

  1. Increased Revenue: By implementing CCS, ATM operators can generate supplementary income for each CCS transaction in addition to the standard surcharge income. This incremental fee adds to the overall revenue stream, boosting profitability for your ATM business.
  2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Offering the credit card cash advance feature at ATMs enhances customer satisfaction and convenience. It caters to the diverse needs of cardholders, thereby fostering positive customer experiences and loyalty.
  3. Expanded Customer Reach: With CCS-enabled ATMs, operators can attract a broader customer base, including those seeking credit card cash advances. This expanded reach not only increases foot traffic to your ATM but also stimulates overall retail sales, creating additional business opportunities.

How CCS Works

  1. Recognition of Credit Cards: ATM with the CCS feature enabled recognizes credit cards used by customers.
  2. Prompt for Cash Withdrawal: The ATM prompts customers to proceed with the ATM withdrawal transaction using a credit card and PIN issued by a bank or financial institution.
  3. Transparency in Fees: The ATM displays the standard surcharge PLUS an additional CCS fee for complete transparency.
  4. Dispensing Cash with Receipt: Upon completion of the transaction, the ATM dispenses cash and prints a receipt displaying transaction details, including the total fee charged.

Partner with ATM Link, Inc. to integrate Credit Card Segmentation into your ATM operations and unlock new revenue opportunities. Elevate your business and provide added value to your customers with this innovative feature.

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