Credit Card Segmentation (CCS)

Numerous credit cards provide the option for cardholders to obtain a cash advance by using a PIN issued by a bank or financial institution. Alternatively, cash advances can be obtained at ATMs using a credit card, albeit with associated fees and bank charges.

Credit Card Segmentation (CCS) is an added revenue-generating feature that enables ATMs to impose an incremental fee for credit card cash withdrawal transactions. This feature is exclusively available on ATMs with certified software at the processor level, ensuring secure and reliable implementation.

Benefits for ATM Operators

CCS enhances customer base and satisfaction, enabling ATM operators to generate supplementary income for each CCS transaction in addition to the surcharge income. By providing the credit card cash advance feature on ATMs, operators can broaden their customer reach and stimulate overall retail sales, leading to increased business opportunities and customer engagement.

How CCS Works

  1. ATM with the CCS feature enabled recognizes the Credit Card.
  2. ATM prompts customers to proceed the ATM Withdrawal Transaction with a credit card using a PIN issued by a bank or financial institution.
  3. ATM displays the surcharge PLUS additional CCS fee for complete transparency.
  4. ATM dispenses cash and prints receipt displaying transaction details with the total fee charged

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