US Payments Forum publishes guide to contactless ATM transactions

With more than 85 percent of U.S. ATMs now accepting EMV contact chip cards, many ATM owners are looking to make transactions easier and faster by adding contactless capabilities.

The U.S. Payments Forum is looking to help them with “Guidelines for Contactless ATM Transactions – A Guide for ATM Owners and Operators,” a white paper that offers guidance on accepting contactless chip transactions at the ATM.

“Consumers are getting used to making fast contactless payments at merchant locations across the U.S.,” the forum’s executive director, Randy Vanderhoof, said in a press release. “The ATM is the next logical segment to go contactless. It’s important that ATM providers, acquirers, processors, and vendors understand the requirements and full process when it comes to implementation.”

The guide focuses on contactless transactions completed with near field communication-enabled mobile wallets and contactless-enabled chip cards, and is meant to serve as a starting point for contactless implementation.

The guide includes information about:

  • The basics of contactless concepts.
  • ATM contactless requirements – both software and hardware.
  • Certification, testing and approvals required to support contactless transactions.
  • The contactless ATM transaction process.

The guide was developed by the ATM working committee of the U.S. Payments Forum, a cross-industry body nonprofit focused on the support and implementation of new and emerging technologies for payment transactions in the United States.

Source: ATM Marketplace