Bitcoin Purchase

Our recent collaboration with Coinsquare Network Inc (CNI) provides ATM users with the fastest way to buy bitcoin. Coinsquare Networks Inc. (CNI) is an innovative FinTech company whose software allows ATM users to buy bitcoin from traditional ATM machines via their debit card.

“Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is closer than you think. By using the millions of existing ATMs around the world we can now give users an easy, fast and familiar experience to purchase cryptocurrency.”

– Todd Lawrence, Chief Visionary Officer for CNI

Coinsquare is associated with two of the largest ATM manufacturers in North America including, Nautilus Hyosung America (NHA) and Triton. They have both played a fundamentally important role in developing our market leading solution. Their experience, industry presence, and leadership skills have been paramount in bringing a solution to the market that can be broadly adopted by the entire crypto industry.

How to Buy Bitcoin from ATM?

  1. Simply inserts debit card and enter PIN
  2. Select the dollar amount to purchase
  3. Confirm the transaction details
  4. The cryptocurrency is delivered via a paper wallet that is printed out of the ATM.
  5. Use this paper wallet to deposit the Bitcoin into a digital wallet, gift someone or keep it as is.

Benefits for ATM Operators

Bitcoin purchase from an existing ATM increases customer base and satisfaction, allowing ATM operators to generate an additional income per each Bitcoin purchase transaction. Offering Bitcoin feature on the ATM expands ATM operators’ customer reach, boost the overall retail sales, and potentially increase ATM Transactions.

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