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FORCE - Nautilus Hyosung MX 2800SE ATM Machine

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FORCE - Nautilus Hyosung MX 2800SE ATM Machine

Comes Standard With:

1,000 Note Removable Cassette CDU upgradeable to 6K CDU

12.1" Color LCD Screen

EMV Dip Card Reader

Win CE 6.0 Operating System

Visa 2 Software (English, Spanish, French)

56K Dial-Up & TCP/IP with SSL

Electronic Lock

UL Business hour safe

Modem Bracket

2-Plug Power Block

Vault Light

Adjustable ATM Logo Lighting

Product SKU: MX2800SE-FORCE

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The Nautilus Hyosung Force ATM features a 12.1 inch color display, touch function keys, and many other enhanced modern features that provide an excellent user experience with reliable performance. User Experience The brilliant 12.1-inch color display has capacitive touch function keys and a more elegant user interface. The integrated topper now has a brightness control (high, medium, and low) allowing the FORCE to be customized to any environment, from bright C-stores to dark nightclubs. Arrows at the card and receipt slots light up to direct the user to those areas. All with a 6K note capacity. Serviceability The engineers added a light in the vault to make it easier to cash load and service the ATM. Never again will someone need to hold a flashlight while trying to work inside. The new FORCE also gives maximum installation versatility. Four power cord holes allow the machine to be placed anywhere, even flush against the back wall. Plus, additional bolt-holes make it easy to replace any ATM with the FORCE. Security The FORCE has an optional camera that photographs the user during transaction and stores it with the associated transaction record. It can also display the camera view on the transaction screen to make the user aware of being filmed, thus thwarting potential misuse. An additional camera mount is provided to allow installation of a third-party camera for even more security. Connectivity Wireless has quickly become one of the most prevalent forms of ATM communication. Now there’s an option for protecting your wireless investment as well as ensuring uptime. The FORCE offers a new wireless mounting bracket and two additional power outlets: one for your wireless modem and another for any other device like a video topper. The bracket also keeps communication cables up and out of the way when accessing the top of the ATM and changing receipt paper.