ATM Remote Monitoring Services

Reduce ATM Machine Down Time and Increase Customer Availability

Available when using our Wireless ATM Solution or DSL connection, the ATM Remote Monitoring System (RMS) will save you time, money, and the hassle of physically handling various issues with your ATM. When you sign up for the RMS service and other ATM services, many of your non-monetary and time-consuming ATM activities can be handled by our support team on your behalf without you even lifting a finger.

This innovative service is free to all active ATM Link, Inc. processing customers with compatible ATM Machines.

  • Remote monitoring and notification of errors on participating ATMs – When RMS identifies an error is present on your ATM, our support team will notify you what error has occurred and to discuss how you would like us to handle the situation.
  • Reset ATM remotely – Our support representatives have the ability to reset your ATM when certain error codes appear. Since the RMS system continuously monitors the status of your ATM, we are notified when errors occur and can call you to ask permission to reset the ATM on your behalf.
  • Pulling ATM journal(s) remotely for Reg E claims – When ATM Link, Inc. is notified a Reg E claim has been filed on your ATM that utilizes the RMS service, we will remotely pull a journal from the ATM and submit on your behalf.

The ATM Machine Remote Monitoring Services:

  • Save time, money, and wear/tear on your vehicle by limiting visits to your ATM(s) only for loading cash and performing maintenance.
  • ATM Link, Inc. proactively responds to Reg E claims on your behalf – you will be notified with the outcome of submission once a decision has been made.
  • Never physically pull an ATM journal for a Reg E claim again.
  • Never miss a Reg E deadline because you didn’t have time to pull an ATM journal.
  • Proactive notification of ATM errors keeps you informed of ATM’s error status.
  • Remote ATM resets will reduce downtime and increase the ability for your customers to get cash at anytime.
  • ATM Link, Inc. handles everything on your behalf.

Take the headache out of handling ATM error resets, Reg E claims, and error codes. When your business utilizes the RMS service, it allows you to get back to what you do best – running your business!

Existing Customers: Activate RMS on your ATM here.

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